Freedom is deeply rooted in the heart and soul of every rider and perpetuating this freedom with responsibility is what Alliance of Independent Riders (AIR) is all about. We bring, into the motorcycling scene of the country, an exuberant new culture of independent riders standing by each other during difficult times and good times and extending this culture to every rider from any corner of the world, A.I.R was established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by a group of friends who have been riding solos and in groups since April, 2010. The name was coined at NERM ’14 at Manipur.

Members of this alliance, aka the “Airheads”, have ridden through the length and breadth of the country from West to East to North to South. The journey and the spirit of exploration has always been more important than the destination.
A.I.R today boasts of our culture of freedom, and extending the support to the riders everywhere. Our motto simply and aptly says “Let’s Be Free”

Swaroop Srinivasan # 09974490155
Twinkle Kapdi # 09099987616
Dayananda Meitei # 09925111702

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