‘The road and beyond is our playground… Our very Soul. Ride free’ – Agra Enfielders

If you have ever chased the setting sun, or you have ever traveled all day long sustaining yourself on just tea and a few cookies, if you ever did get lost gazing at the unending starlit sky at sub-zero temperatures… then you probably know how it feels to be an Agra Enfielder.

If you know that a comforting hug is more warm than the layers of thermals beneath, if you love to work yourself crazy all week just to ease up the pressure on weekends in an open loo in the midst of the wild, if servicing your bike is more important than your afternoon siesta, then YES… you probably will know what it takes to be an Agra Enfielder.

We have chased the shadows in the moonlight, fallen asleep at noon, exchanged glances with the dhabawallah’s jewel-eyed daughter and yet, moved on..

We have slept under the open sky, bathed in freezing streams, hoped for extra mileage out of an almost empty tank. We have pushed our motorbikes uphill with a flat in the front. Oh yes, we have rolled downhill with faulty brake cables and realized our appetite for rain-soaked sandwiches.

You will know us better, if you have ever tried. When that itch to travel grows bigger than your comfort zone, you will know… When the money in the bank has nothing to do with how far you want to travel, you will know… When your soul wants to break free from the clutter, you will know… Agra Enfielders beyond the mundane.

We Ride because every turn, every mile, every challenge that nature offers is a lesson we must learn. Ride On..

Contact Details : 

Dheeraj Solanki : 8272072072, 9720535353

Mail ID:  [email protected]

Fan page:  www.facebook.com/agraenfielders

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