Endurance motorcycling, Travel writing, Lifestyle, Film & Photography. To push the yardstick of endurance motorcycling, responsibly. To create love and admiration for a lifestyle around motorcycling, here and everywhere we go.

Bulls of Assam Motorcycle Club was born in 2012 and born out of necessity, while looking for sponsors for our Guwahati > Ladakh> Nepal> Guwahati ride. The 7 riders who undertook the 27 days, 7700 kilometres ride came to be the founder members of the club.

The club members and their personalities are too varied to emphasize a single strain. Yes we love to ride, we love the experience of riding, and we admit we are less mechanics and more of a rider. Just yesterday a friend, who is a solo rider, posted something on facebook and I quote him to sum this up, “I’d rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in temple thinking about my motorcycle.” ~ Anonymous biker.

P.S. Our tagline is “Explore Northeast India” should you be interested.

Contact: Rituraj Shyam
Phone: 9613875105

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