Ectopic Pace-makers is India’s first and the only motorcycle club exclusively for doctors. It was founded with the aim of integrating the  passion of medicine with the zest for riding. Ectopic means displacement or malposition and Pacemaker is a device which sets the cardiac rhythm or the rhythm of life.

The motto-“Our passion is Malignant”: A group of medicos bounded together by the vehemence for Royal Enfield, set out to form this club with the idea of taking the Hippocratic Oath to a whole new level. We hope to provide the set of skills, acquired over time via the medium of riding. India is a country where Healthcare is highly underrated and motorcycling brings you closer to far flung pockets more than any other means of transport.

So, these free souls with a eagerness to give back to the society, advocating the “Right to Health”  whistle quenching their omnipresent thirst for the open roads and two wheels, have come together to join the national contingent of Royal Enfield Riders and thus to sire this unique club called Ectopic Pace-Makers.

The Birth of the Dogma:

Started on 28th June 2013, at the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Nagpur, Maharashtra by riding enthusiasts  Dr. Sanujit Pawde, Dr. Amit Nikam and Dr. Kunal Shrivastava, Dr.Raj. Since then, our small club has slowly spread to the other medical colleges of Vidarbha in search of like-souls with a zeal for the epic ness that is trapped between two wheels and the passion to change lives, literally.
We plan to aid health camps and provide voluntary services to the needy with the course of riding.

Our members have volunteered for Healthcare centers, various Diagnostic & Surgical camps in the nearby regions.
Always on the look out for riders with similar interests we hope to spread this unique combination throughout all our fellow riders.

“We at EPMMC come together as like mind fucked people who love to roam, ride & explore but what makes EPMMC unique is the concept of combining our passion with our profession, medical knowledge and lust to ride which when combines, creates an Unique Ectopic Pace Maker.”

“True, our passions don’t exactly sing in tune with our profession. True, we are one of the younger recruits with a club strength of just 8 riders. But since when has motorcycling ever been just about bolstering leather jackets and pounding lite beers? What owed its infancy to just a stroke of inspiration in a dingy hostel room in the most unimaginable of places, we still, and always will be committed to that cause. ” Healers on wheels ” – that’s the principle we live by.

To all others, we say this-ride hard, ride like there’s no tomorrow but above all join us and ride to make a difference. A difference that can help us save lives in the darkest, decrepit,most neglected corners of India…Help us spread our wings and fly “

I would wrap up with a statement which I guess we’ll all agree upon; ‘Love is when two hearts thump as one.’

Dr.Sanujit Pawde: +91 98 50038039
Dr.Amit Nikam: +91 95 45 588393
Dr.Kunal Shrivastava: +91 99 70 373253


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