With the dawn of  August 1, 2011, Free Flow Thumpers started  thumping on Indian roads with a set of values , mission and vision. A life without human values is like a body without soul” , and a ride without a cause, is  like wheels leading to moss”

With equality irrespective of cast, creed and religion, we at, Free Flow Thumpers are a family showing unity in diversity. A family of Royal Enfield riders, where all the passions obsessions for riding, meet for a cause, a fun, a celebration or an occasion worth for. A family of riders, determined, disciplined and dedicated for the ride taken. A family  which cares the sole aim of the ride , nurtures the  aim and saves  the aim of the ride.

Be it a ride for supporting the cause “Save Girl Child” or initiating and executing the cause like “Donate a Smile”  at Sneha Sadan an orphanage centre, Adat todo (anti smoking cause) at Wilson college, a ride mixed with fun, to unite with flora and fauna in nature’s arms, our riders have overridden the expectations.

With another chapter at Bangaluru, Free Flow Thumpers have added another feather to the hat.

It’s not the fuel, it’s the social responsibility which drives us to ride and our riders having taken this responsibility with the chest thumping !!

When one takes a break from all the hara-kiri of daily metro life on a holiday and takes rest, we the thumpers, break our rest and ride for the cause making it the day for an under privileged, for the society and for the nation as a whole.

Free  Flow thumpers is not just a group of bikers but a group of motivators, a group of inspirers  a group of visionaries who motivate, inspire and provide a vision for the future.

Founder: Pravin Yadav

Moderators for Mumbai
Biren Chapaneri    +91-9860771119
Christopher Nadar    +91-8879864601
Navin Nair    +91-9702040737
Rakesh Pujari    +91-9920435505

Moderators for Bangalore
Ashish Mishra    +91-9742471471
Ankit Desai     +91-9632228575


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