Free Souls might have started off in a very peculiar coincidental way, but nevertheless we represent many talents coming together to chase a common passion- biking. Ours is a very diverse group with each member talented and special in their individual unique way.
Every biker, though distinct shares a common dream, of taking biking to an altogether different level and introducing the world, to the concept of biking in a new avatar. The spark of the fire might have been instigated by the stuntman of the group, Kan Kora, but if this group, today holds any value or substance it is because of the combined efforts of each and every member in making that spark a fully fledged fire!
Biking is the way to nirvana we live to ride longer and ride longer to live longer. The moto of our rides is to create a general difference in society where there is no difference of anything . It’s about brotherhood which we will Carry forward in the direction of patriotism and faith.The aim of this group is not mere fun, but actually to show it to the world that if there is a will.. any dream can come true.. It is to show it to the world that even though there are risks involved in your passion, anything if done the right way can be fun and satisfying both at the same time. An Adventure’s safety does not depend on the brand of the bike but instead lies in the spirit of the Biker.
The endeavor began on 26 December 2011……. and its growing in life and in the hearts of the riders.

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