Formed on 1-Jul-2013, the name of the club is in Latin. The choice of language was Latin for the very simple reason, that Latin is the core/ancient language which has given birth to English as the language of people around. The logo encompasses the image of a Lion and the statement – “Dominis Clava Est” and the RE gun logo in a shield. Simplifying the tooth breaking tags..

‘Dominis Clava Est’ translates to Owners Club
‘Intrepedis Leones Tripura’ translates to Fearless Lions of Tripura

Now, the sheild represents the sense of Home, encompassing the Shelter and protection of the brothers. Where as the Lion represents the fearlessness and pride of being a Bullet-ier. Together it represents a brotherhood of Bullet-iers who thrive on honor and bravery to face the roads unheard…unknown …unseen!

We welcome fellow brothers with wide arms and embrace them in honor…as we believe in the saying, “occurrit nobis, et crescant”.

We are roaring to meet our fellow brothers…

Contact information

Anjit SahaMobile: +919774011984
[email protected]

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