We are not a Club ~ We are a Family.

Our mission is to promote love for riding with safety and have fun at the same time.  No Admin – No Moderator – No President – No Head – No Founder ~ Every Member is Equal.  Many of our members belong to various other biker clubs. We don’t have any issue with that. We are not interested in separatism in any way. We are not interested in playing into any of the divisions that have cropped up in the motorcycling and motorcycling club world over the years. Though there is no hierarchy in the club, we expect you to respect our senior members ~ You learn lot of other things other than biking, You learn life from the experience of our senior members. We make a day ride every fortnight, 2 days ride once every month, 3 days rides once every 3 months, 5 days ride once every 6 months & a 15 days ride once in a year. We are serious riders. We do not wear our leathers as fashion statements.

We seriously reflect the values of brotherhood/sisterhood, biker camaraderie and of supporting the larger biker community as well as our local communities. We do not judge other clubs for any decisions they make. That’s not what we’re about. We respect all other clubs and their interests. We will do this by attending as many club events, rallies and party’s as we’re able to. We are ready to support and ride for any social cause that will be beneficial for the society.



Manoj Vijayakumar
Ph: 98435-25000
[email protected]

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