The Madras Bulls is a Motorcycling club founded in Madras (now known as Chennai). The club came to being in April, 2002, with the passion towards the Royal Enfield Bullet.  The tagline ” To Hell with you, To Heaven with Us” is an identity to the attitude of the MadBulls.

Life revolves around Bullets, spare parts, where one can source them and also a constant touch with the map of India. The MadBulls are known for riding across the length and breadth of India’s rich heritage including the annual ride to the Himalaya mountains. Other rides include day rides to Pondy, TADA, Biriyani rides to Ambur and some of the night rides that helps train riders to cope with emergency situations.

A MadBull believes in Passion, Camaraderie and most importantly, Brotherhood!



Ajith Athreya: 9600001422

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