A passion for motorcycle riding and admiration for the Royal Enfield brand of motorcycles, proved to be the right concoction for a group of friends, who decided to pursue their passion, zeal and love for motorcycle riding and bring together their synergies by creating Matadors Motorcycle Club.

For more than a decade, the group had been meandering the length and breath of India. The pursuit of happiness and searching for the simple pleasures of conscious motorcycle riding have been our goal, and the decision to take this forward, by forming our club in October 2015, has brought us immense happiness and invigorate our mad love for motorcycle riding. Many fun travels, be it to the Rider Mania 16′, Ladakh, historical & challenging destinations were done by members, since the formation of our club.

Our motto, of pursuing the simple pleasures of motorcycle riding, by discovering new vistas and being there for the fellow rider are some of the traits we nurture and which guide us and gives us strength.

Formation Day : 10th Oct 2015
Founder : Bobby, Sunny & Suresh
Location : Hyderabad

Moderator : Suresh, +91 9849468568


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