We The MH 27 Thumpriders are the power of youth revolving around the wheels of our Royal Enfield in our homeland Amravati and MH 27 is our RTO registration.

Our attitude is strong like a roaring & thumping sound of Royal Enfields. The MH 27 Thumpriders is a youthful organisation and brotherhood of our riding religion who hunts throughout the unexplored land for the great cause of humanity and the society with our moral ethics beyond the roads accompanied by our Tigers.

We are the messengers of Riding Gods Manifests the social values like Attitude, Respect, Unity & Trust.  We believe a journey is more beautiful than a destination. We The MH 27 Thumpriders have a thumping instinct for rides. We all riders can measure pocket money in miles instead of rupees & believe a Royal Enfield is a best machine to go on moon than Apollo 11.

The MH 27 Thumpriders believe in equality, celebrates youth power, welcomes & encourages new ideas of youth to join us beyond age, gender, countries or any other boundaries.  We believe the universe is a land to explore & the borders are for drivers, and the roads are for The MH 27 Thumpriders..

They say,  a man’s character is known by how he talks with a women and a Rider’s character is known by how he keeps his ENFIELD and respects the BROTHERHOOD.

Here we are THE MH 27 THUMPRIDERS……..


Sangram Singh Deshmukh :- +919021111969, (+917798899998)


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