RERAM (Royal Enfield Riders Association of Meghalaya)

RERAM(StormBringers) is what they call themselves. The obvious reason is the same. RERAM was found by 6 members including P.s. Warjri, Damian, Nuno, Franco, Arrang, Reigner in 24th Jan 2006.

It has some 80 hardcore khasi enfield riders, and many out-stationed members. The club that started the riding culture in north east. The Founder club of North East Riders Meet and its successful host.

From a Drummer,bassist,vocalist or singer or even artists,you name it you will find it in RERAM.Music is the pulse of all.Riding is our religion. Host for Rider Mania 2013.

Old riders or new,Off road or NO ROAD,POwer nap or Kwai, we dont think too much about it, coz riding in the mountains is like living in them.And every mountain has its own story to tell.

Moderators: P. S. Warjri (Contact: 9856041773) and Damian Umdor.

President: Nuno Mawkhiew

General Secretary: Arrang Phangbuh

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