Its about the cult, the thump, the leaking oil from the engines, the iconic bullet, the modern lightning or the TBTS, its about people who have left everything for the love of the bike. Its not a bike, its like their first love, its one of the reasons why their wives and girlfriends leave them as they can’t accept being a second fiddle, its all about respect, the sheer power needs to be respected, not harnessed, millions have lost their hearts to the icon, not have gone back from where they came, no matter what they did, no matter what they do, the Royal Enfield is an inseparable part of them now.

Here members believe in melting the miles away, they don ride to reach from point a to point b, they ride to simply see the limit, the limit of their soul, the soul whose heart doesn’t beat, it Thumps !!!

Our objective is to meet like minded people, learn about the bull, know each other better, go for long rides and live like we care a damn. So come, join us, the RoadMelters – The Jamshedpur Bullet Club.

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