The roads of the weekdays are swarmed with corporate people carriers delivering people to respective drudge-houses, but on weekends the ROADSHAKERS ensure every length and breathe of road is under their jurisdiction that leads to picturesque landscapes of Mother India. They ensemble the spirit of biking brotherhood with a never ending craving for unprecedented terrain. The thumping note forms the soundtrack and fuel their spirits in exploring the world laid on by mother nature. The Royal Enfield Bullet is the one and only machine which forms the crux of the group. The blend of brutal steel and honest engineering goes unison with cruisers, daredevils and the group’s main party piece, OFFROADING!

The bullets as seen by the presumable motoring world always been a laid-back cruiser, a symbol of class and majesty, benchmarking as the godly touring machine. The flipside is that this group holds a totally different perspective for the steed. The mammoth stallion is thrown into curves, wheeled its way the exit, drifted to the very periphery of the steepest cliffs and literally leveled roads as it zooms past, A stone mower in the off-road terrain!. The offroad terrain is given a beating by the bullet which strides down with ludicrous energy. A handful of roadshakers thrust phenomenal amount rocks, resetting the terrain and generating dust plumes that can devour a moderate sized housing society, A naïve hurricane in the making. The speeds they deal with are astounding in such severe rock gradients, up to 80kmph!. The bikes are lofted up in a measure of feets and maneuvered though ankle deep sumps of sand.

A blurry vision engulfed in dust plumes, soldiering through rocky patches at break-neck speeds, bike and machine in perfect harmony is when a Roadshakers achieves NIRVANA!


Baljeet Gill – 9890680862/9637575554
Arun Pawar – 9923030212
Arvind singh – 9769956969
Pravin Patil – 9970180867
Sam – 9766320703/9545537079


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