Royal Kings “Jamshedpur bullet club” are newly formed club. The club consists of members who are hardcore riders. Influenced by the brotherhood, their passion and also respect for riding and we planned of forming a club and named it as “Royal Kings”. Sukhbir singh and Deepak Srivastava came up with this name “Royal Kings” because as royal indicates our bikes’ royalty and makes us feel royal while we are on it and “kings” as bullets are the king of all bikes which rule the road. The club was formed on 15th December 2013 by Sukhbir Singh, Rakesh Singh, Sarabjeet Singh, Jyoti Aruna and Deepak Srivastava.

We started donating to charity trust, we arranged safety rallies, events for safety awareness around town, donated blood and took part in aids awareness campaign. Our motive was to build respect for all riders and. The most interesting part of our club is that our club has 6 members who rides choppers (elongated customize Royal Enfields) which get a lot of adoration and attention. This is one of the specialties of our club.

We attended Rider Mania 2014 in Mahabalipuram under the name – South East Choppers

Club Moderator Contact

Deepak Srivastava: +91-7739221847
Sukhbir Singh ( Raja )  : +91-9006055699

Email: [email protected]

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