“Not All those who wander are lost”

Wandering Soulz, the epitome of a few like minded riders who believe that riding is all about brotherhood and exploring.

After riding with commercially oriented clubs, these like minded rider soulz decided the following quits 🙂

  1. Quit the concept of paying membership money to ride
  2. Quit riding with anyone who cant pay for their own food and stay
  3. Quit the hierarchy and the class discrimination of senior-junior, founder-members, bike owners – non owners and all similarly associated complex behaviors
  4. Quit the herd mentality and ride with pride with every other rider & other riding clubs without ego and thus “Wandering Soulz” was born!

We are open to all brothers and sisters on two wheels without descrimination of caste creed or religion , for us riding is what binds us, Wandering Soulz was conceptualized by 7 people from different walks of life and withing span of 6 months its has grown in leaps n bounds. Anyone who has a 350 cc and above motorcycle can join our rides. We don’t care whether its an Indian bike or an imported one, though currently, we are all Royal Enfield riders.

Moderator: Vasim Shaikh / Phone: +91-9320378866

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