The wisdom of the ages decrees that those who have this will ride far, indeed and attain Nirvana. We are here only to ride – no rules to bind (except for your safety and identification), no constraints to hold back, ride with family, daughter/son, wife – we honor your passion. We glide through the world like a part of it, immersed in it, in total harmony. All one needs to be a Wind Chaser is a disciplined right fist, boots, gloves and a helmet, and an eye for beauty in man, machine and wind.

The Bullet, The Brotherhood, and The Pride – three things that we never turn our back on.

We believe – My brother to my left, my brother to my right, together we stand, together we ride. Every Wind Chaser is integral to the brotherhood by an equal measure and we stand up for each other.
We believe that happiness is a journey not a destination. Happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road for then the journey is over and it’s too late. Where ever the roads take us, we cherish every moment of it to the fullest, just like life itself.

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