Few points to ponder with.
1. The trend of raffle bike was 1st started by Inddiethumpers in RM2005, when they not just gave away and enfield, but a custom made machine by non other then Anthony.
This bike was won by non other then sarangan. Later raffle bike became a trend in many rider manias to come.
2.Assembly war: This kindda activity promoted team bonding, club bonding, love and respect for other clubs and was a major crowd gatherer. Assembly was also one of the key highlight for Rider Mania which RE later stole to incorporate in their stolen event.
3. Rider Mania 2005 was the first RM where the rift between RE and BOBMC was clearly visible. Simply because they wanted RM to happen always in goa and Inddiethumpers suggested a rotating RM. So that way a new trend of RM travelling to different places of the country concept was born. This benefited many clubs to come forward and the join BOBMC. RE had to step back or get away. Thats what they did by hosting royal enfield Rider mania in goa at VAGATOR in 2009.

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