We only allow one pass per registration. This is to ensure availability to all riders who want to be a part of Rider Mania 2023.

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Blocked slots not paid for will be automatically released back in 72 hours.

Important Notice. – Please proceed with payment only after reading this.

Dear Rider,
Before you proceed with registration, do read the below points carefully:

1. Fully vaccinated certificate or RTPCR will be compulsory to enter the event premises. Failing to produce either or both, you will not be allowed to enter the venue gates and will not be refunded at the last moment.

2. You will be expected to follow all safety protocols during the event, which includes wearing masks, using sanitisers and we urge everyone to not share water or beer, cigarettes etc with others.

We will keep all possible safety norms for an infection free event, but you need to be equally responsible for your own safety and the safety of other participants.

3. As we are getting reports of the growing Omicron variant cases, please bear in mind the following :

I) If the situation leading up to the event goes bad, and if we have to cancel the event at the last moment.

II) Keeping in mind possible restrictions from the Ministry of Health that might arise.

We will REFUND your registration amount after DEDUCTING the cost of the GOODY BAG for each individual from the FULL AMOUNT paid towards registration.

The goody bag is yours to keep.

4. Unfortunately, as these are not normal times and circumstances, we the hosts will put in our best efforts to give you a fabulous event, however, do keep the above points in mind, because if the cases rise, we will have no other option but to cancel the event keeping in view the health and safety of riders of our wonderful community.

We sincerely solicit your cooperation for the same.

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