Bike: ThunderBird AVL 350.

Rider Mania: Since 2005–till date.


Here are few things not many people know about this mad machine. This bike notoriously known as Trailblazer has been to many corners of the country. It took birth in 2005…and was delivered to Shyamal Sinha that very moment. Since then this mad machine was called trailblazer. The significance of this being simple…you make your own road…and yeh it has lived up to its name. It has been Leh’d and kanyakumarried. Also looking at four different corners of the country….this bike has been there.

Rider Mania: A significant and distinctly visible yellow motorcycle is always the trailblazer. This colour was not very common before…A yellow enfield was never to be seen. However …as time passed by and yellow did become a demanding color. But then again the bike still doesn’t loose its signature appearance.  

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